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PO: What do you think  about critics?

Tee Ashira :  There will always be Critics but I hold on to my truth! [Laughs]

PO: What do you think is your greatest gift?

TA: Life!

PO: What women do you admire?

TA: Oprah, Michelle Obama and Beyonce strong women i  must say i also have alot of admiration for Hillary Clinton!

PO: Who is your biggest Crush.

TA: My Husband. ( Laughs)

PO :Is Soul Ties About Your life?

TA:  Its a combination of stories about strong women in my family a lot of the situations i did go through thats part of my testimony! Its everybody's story that has traveled the same journey.

PO: What do you want people to know about your work?

TA: I write for the kingdom , awareness and to do what God has called me to do

One soul is like 1 million to God i catch ish-- for it (laughs) people always remember what they think they know about you from what they have read or heard and they really dont know you at all! 

PO:  If you could change anything about the world what would it be?

TA: Racism and abuse on children. The world should see no color just hearts. Children don't ask to be born they are gifts from the most high.


PO: You’re in L.A.  London  and New York now, Whats your favorite destination to live?

TA: New York!

PO: Would you ever do a film thats not God related?

TA: I did one C'mon man. I dont know I see God in everything i think in every film if it  has a positive message you can see God. I love the art of film i love that you can change the course of what people believe for better or worse by watching TV. Thats alot of power and a gift that i think filmmakers have to take very seriously  its a hard job! I respect the people that have pioneered long before i bought my happy but into it!

PO: Best of Luck in your future with everything.

TA: Thanks!

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